Tha Pow Wow 2013

Submitted by Garret Roberts
Added on: March 30, 2013

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Status: Active
Notice - This information is for a past Pow Wow.


Date/Time May 3 to 5, 2013, All Day


San Manuel Stadium ( 66’ers Stadium): 280 South E Street , San Bernardino, CA

Contact Information

Contact: Kesti

Phone: 909-800-7628



Pow Wow Size:1000+ dancers

Pow Wow Info


MC: Ruben Littlehead

Aditional Information:

$75,000 in CASH Prizes

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Event Location: San Manuel Stadium ( 66’ers Stadium): 280 South E Street , San Bernardino, CA

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San Bernardino
clear sky
humidity: 53%
wind: 9mph WSW
H 72 • L 48
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Pow Wow Last Update: March 30, 2013

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Attendance list:
    • Good morning. Just want to know if you guys still have arts/craft space. Done the powwow last year. Would like to do it again.
      Also my aunty and uncle the McCabe want a vending space to.

      Ben Turquoise
      Cell # 602-663-7895.

  1. my first time here i never seen native pow wows before i

    would to like the pow wow calendar 2013 on pow

    to mark down Lamar Missouri to have a great pow wow dance show and crafts & food hopefully the all native people

    would show us a great fun time during the fair in lamar missouri every august we have fair posters around town in lamar.

    i pray that any radio country stations 96.9 the cow and so on

    let us know when on any holidays the pow wows are in the town of lamar missouri being in the back of LBT Lamar Bank & Trust bulding.

  2. Hello My name is Christina Chambers. I am an Independent Damsel in Defense Pro.

    I would like some information on bieng a Vendor at your upcomming event / events. Please email me a calender of our upcomming events.

    We specialize in Safety and Protection for Women Self Defense Products : Pepper Spray, Stun guns, Personal Alarms ,Home safty alarms,
    Auto safety tools and Child safety alarms. All items are Legal in california.
    I would love the oppertunity to be a vendor at the powwow. I will be looking forward to hearing from you or the person in charge of the Vendors soon.

    Thank You.
    Christina Chambers
    [email protected], phone :c 562-299-8103 H:760-244-8586

  3. If there’s any vendor spaces available for your powwow, can you please email me one?! I would like to attend.


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