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NWI September 2019 Trainings – Community Healing & Wellness Strategies

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September 24, 2019 - September 26, 2019

Lihue, HI

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September 24, 2019 - September 26, 2019

Aqua Kauai Beach Resort: 4331 Kauai Beach Dr., Lihue, HI

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Our Vision:  Through the gifts of our ancestors . . . Prayer, Song, Ceremony, Language, and Courage . . . Native people will live in Balance and Wellness, ensuring a rich cultural legacy for our future generations.

(Training Class) “Community Healing and Wellness Strategies”  Fee $395 

Aqua Kauai Beach Resort

Contact: Shannon Kissinger, Native Wellness Institute, 503-457-6520, [email protected]

About the Training

The lasting impacts of historical and intergenerational trauma contribute to the contemporary trauma we see in communities today. You don’t have to look far to see the need for community healing and wellness; poverty, suicide, addiction, violence, unhealthy relationships, chronic negativity, apathy and more. How do you address this? What do you do? Where do you begin? How do you get the community engaged and involved?

This three-day interactive training will provide an awareness and understanding of the impacts of trauma, how trauma plays out in the workplace and the importance of integrating healing and tools to live a balanced life. Strategies for integrating these concepts into your personal life, work life and the community will be the focus of the three days.

Major change has to happen throughout Indian Country if we want to impact the negative statistics that have become our norm. We have to do things differently. We have to understand trauma and we have to make healing the norm. We have to implement strategies that transcend departments, programs, budgets, cultural norms, age groups and beyond.

Training Topics

  • Historical and Intergenerational Trauma
  • Adverse Childhood Affects (ACEs)
  • Historical and Intergenerational Wisdom
  • Trauma-informed Care
  • Understanding Lateral Oppression/Violence
  • Community Healing Models (like GONA)
  • Healing Strategies and Tools
  • Integrating Healing Personally, in the Family and Community
  • Wellness in the Workplace

Who Should Attend

Tribal council members, program directors and managers, front line workers in treatment or prevention, social service staff, tribal health and behavioral health workers, and other interested in learning more about trauma, healing and strategies to address it.

For more information or to register online, please go to https://www.nativewellness.com/community-healing-and-wellness-strategies.html


Status: Active


Aqua Kauai Beach Resort: 4331 Kauai Beach Dr., Lihue, HI


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