SDSU Iipay Mateyum 41st Annual Pow Wow

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Submitted by on: November 30, 2012

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Pow Wow Last Update: November 30, 2012

One thought on “SDSU Iipay Mateyum 41st Annual Pow Wow

  1. Carly, the Susan Boyle story struck a chord for me too. I made the quick cosoarimpn with what can commonly happen in organisations (I’ve witnessed it and have been on the receiving end). I will explain from the perspective of my own experience At work (and outside work) people very often make judgements about your capabilities based on what you look like and sound like. Then as they get to know you they have expectations based on their experience of you. Then you do something amazing, which could be delivering an important project with outstanding success you are seen in a new light and your profile is raised (just like Susan Boyle). You may get rewarded with further great opportunities, challenge, reward, interest etc Congratulations you have exceeded expectations! The challenge then is to continue to exceed and I think this can become exhausting as you become the victim of your own success You can’t afford to slip, or as in Susan’s case, react emotionally because then your whole press changes dramatically. We see examples of this in the performing arts, in sports (especially with football managers) and it happens at work.My thought provokers are therefore:What are the signs that our talented people are, or could be, in danger of becoming the victim of their own success?And how can we support our talented people to ensure they stay successful (and healthy!) and become positive role models for others?

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