White Earth Community Center

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Submitted by Pow Wow Calendar on: January 23, 2014

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Pow Wow Last Update: January 23, 2014

One thought on “White Earth Community Center

  1. Kimtra says:

    I went through all your old pthgooraphs,memories made over fourtheen years, your wedding day,our gathering at Mojgans house, you being a proud father, you looking at Nina as she dances and sings for us, you holding Layla at Maysam graduation!! Pictures worth a million words that bring my soul to tears.I study each one carefully,replaying the memories in my mind remembering all. One thing that i cant get it out of my mind is your beautiful smile!!! I have experience so much loss in these past few years but none has touched me and none i felt so lost and empty as i am feeling now!!!Mehrdad, you are going to be missed!!! I will always cherish all the memories i had so little so short so quick and so plesent with you forever in my heart and my soul!!!If i could give you my life, my heart and brain even my last breath so you can live and enjoy your happy life with your beautiful family i wuold!!!! I would do it in a heartbeat . You will be missed Mehrdad!! but i know the wonderful person you are, youR will make friends with God and you two will watch over your daughters and Shirin from the above Shine with that beautiful smile of yours Mehrdad and know that you will always be in our hearts and on our minds!!!

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